Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Brook in the Hollow

Brook Hollow

We started at the front of the house with a new sign !
to welcome all the students .

A large mural as you enter the sets up the theme "The Brook in Hollow"
that carries through out the rest of the school.

Painted panels help decorate the hallway permanently
and help the school meet fire codes reducing
the amount of paper on the walls.

Each class room has their own animal !

The Bumble Bee's

This was a shabby old door to a storage room not anymore !

The Frog room

Snails and Butterflies welcome the children to their day !

The Guppies

Dragonflies and Frogs invite the children to hang up their coats.

The Turtle room

The Dragonflies

An Alligator to keep watch over the children's coats
with a smile.

The Fireflies

The Pollywogs

Even the tuition mailbox once white and a little sad
has been transformed into a bright Lady bug !
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