Monday, October 25, 2010

A thank you gift ,a farm house ,and a flood

This is a beautiful farmhouse in
Franklin Tn.

After the Nashville flood on May 2nd of this year many families were displaced my friend and client Kate were one of those families. A coworker owned this farm and graciously allowed their family to move in while their home was being rebuilt.

They loved living there are were so grateful
they wanted to give them a unique and personal
thank you gift. So they commissioned a portrait of the farm.
To give to the family that had helped them through such
a difficult time.
What a perfect and thoughtful gift.
They gave their friends the painting last week
and I heard through the grapevine they
LOVED it !
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story...

Megan is 3 and she LOVES Cinderella
I'm pretty sure she has already started planning her princess wedding.
After meeting with Megan & her Mom we decided to do a combination of canvas art & mural work to decorate Megans room.
Inspired by the classic story of Cinderella
each one of her walls has a part of the story ,so as she plays during the day and drifts off into sweet dreams at night she is surrounded by her favorite fairy tale.
Click on the link below to tour Megans Cinderella room
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