Friday, June 29, 2012

Music ,Paint and Real Estate Paint Party !

 Paint Party ! 
Real Estate Services Inc.

Meet the team at Carter-Haston Real Estate.
 Quarterly they like to get together and do a team building project.
 This quarter they decided to create some art together !
After everyone had called it a day.
We had the paint party at their local office here in Nashville. 
 "Duck" has some skills ! 
 In between laughs we had some serious painting going on ! 
Nice work Susie ! 

What a great group of folks to paint with.
 It was a pleasure getting to share a couple hours of creativity , fun and maybe even learn a little something.
Not to mention everyone did and amazing job and got to take home their own masterpiece. To show off to family and friends.

Interested in having a paint party ?
Be sure and check out
or just email me at
and I will send you the details.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Father's Day !

What a talented bunch. I could hardly stand not posting any pictures
,but I wanted to be sure to keep the gifts a surprise for
Father's day.

Father's Day Paint Party  

Our subject matter "Gecko"

Last week at the studio we had some fun painting
 "Gecko's"  to give Dad for Father's day.
We had a great time painting together
and the kids made some awesome art  !

Children's paint parties are 25.00 per child.
 You can choose the subject matter for your party and I am always happy to work with your schedule.
 Each party last about an hour and each child get's to bring home their very own masterpiece along with learning a little something about art along the way.

 They are a great way to celebrate a birthday or have a fun play date.

One on one sessions are also available for 50.00

If you are interested in booking a paint party or session please email me at

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

 Varnishing Your Masterpiece !

First of all thank you for painting with me at a Pbjcreations art party. I hope you had a great  time painting and making your very own masterpiece. 
Now you need to protect it. So here's how to make your masterpiece look like one of those fancy ones that hang in the Art Galleries.

Before you start to varnish your painting, check to see if there is any chalk residue leftover from drawing. If so just use a clean paint brush ,cloth or sponge to clean off the chalk with clean water . It won't hurt a thing , I promise. You'll also want to go over the entire painting with the water so it will look even after it's dry. Once it is completely dry you can proceed with varnishing.

What you'll need 
A GOOD dense foam brush, don't get the cheaper ones they will disintegrate and make a mess of your painting .You'll also need Polycrylic CLEAR varnish it comes in different finishes. 
You can choose whatever you like, but  high shine gives it a very wet look and is my personal favorite.
I also suggest you get water based for easy clean up.
You'll want to protect the surface you are using to varnish your painting with a drop cloth.

Dip your foam brush into the varnish get a decent amount on the brush then begin coating the top of the painting. Using long strokes from one end of the painting to the other. If the varnish is looking milky you are using to much ,but no worries just spread the area out until it is looking clear.
Your painting will have areas that are highly textured the varnish will collect in these areas use the dry bottom corners of the brush to spread the varnish out that has collected into those areas.
Once the top is completed lift up one edge of the painting. By now your brush will have enough varnish on it to just finish each edge with one stroke. Turn the painting as you go. Once all the edges are done gently set the painting back down check the top again to make sure that there are no runs on the top of the painting from finishing the edges. If you find some gently smooth them out.
Lastly check to make sure you haven't missed a spot.  Get a light source on one side of the painting and drop down and look to see if you missed a spot, the area will look dry. If so just fill it in. Your art will be completely cured in 24 hours and ready to hang !

If you want to give it a second coat or you noticed you missed spot you can repeat this entire process just give the initial coat 24 hours to dry otherwise the second coat will look milky and gummy.

Thanks again for joining me at a Pbjcreations art party .
If you would like more information on paint parties or
to view some of my art please visit.