Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Meet Amelia isn't she just beautiful !
I had the privilege of painting for this precious little one.

"He will take great DELIGHT in you, Amelia..."

Beautiful and inspirational. Amelia's life verse art is not just a keepsake piece
 it can grow with her as her room decor  changes. 

An owl and bird mural over her crib compliment her bedding and tie together the fabrics
color and theme of Amelia's nursery.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hoot & Tweet !

HOOT & Tweet  !

Not only are owls wise they are CUTE !
and all the rage what a fun way to decorate.
Owl growth chart

What an adorable art piece and keepsake to keep track of your little one as they grow.
You can write on them with a fine line sharpie or sew a cute button on and add the date.
We like to mark ours every holiday around here ! 
Flowers, birds and owls in fun colors !
Wise Owl and Little bird !


All growth charts are hand painted on hemmed canvas and hung with coordinating ribbon. Custom made to match you decor, style and colors. They can be rolled up to move with you or for easy storage once they are all grown up, which I've noticed doesn't take long. They also make great gifts ! Want to order one for you or a friend send me a picture of the nursery or room, even a link to their registry and your growth chart will be the perfect compliment to your nursery or childs room.

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Monday, July 23, 2012



 Who couldn't love a face like that !
Dog portraits are one of my favorite things to do. Capture their spirit on canvas in paint.
I don't always have the privileged of knowing the animal that I'm painting ,but Porkchop was a friend. 
He put a smile on the face of anyone who saw him. He demanded attention and  a good back scrubbing  from whomever crossed his path.  He'd run at you full speed then swing around last minute crashing his backside into your legs then look up at you like well what are you waiting for ?

That's what I love about dogs they are who they are. They love us ,and we love them.

So tell me about your Pet, what is your favorite thing about them ?

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