Friday, March 27, 2009

Miriam's Promise

Donation piece "Music Montage"

Tonight is the annual fundraiser for Miriam's Promise a local Christian Non-Profit organization that has a huge heart for kid's and adoptive parents. Their main goal is to counsel young pregnant mother's into choosing life for their unborn baby ,by giving them options like choosing the parents that their baby will go to. Giving them the oppritunity to be an open adoption where they can still be a part of that precious babies life ,while giving that baby the best possible life it could have. They also help mother's with older children that have decided the burden is to much and they can no longer care for there children. Miriam is there to help find the perfect home for these kids and counsel their small already broken hearts into wellness again, which I can only imagine is no small feat.

This will be my 3rd year helping them raise money for their ministry. I am always so honored to be included, and so thrilled for the chance to give. Part of the fundraiser ,is a live auction every artist that is invited donates a piece. My motto go big or go home ! Nothing gets my heart racing and my spirit soaring when the lovely auction Ladies hold up the donated piece and the numbers start flying , as the number climbs my eyes well up. God is good ! Personaly I could not write the check that gets written at the end of the night ,but I can paint the painting that gets that check written, and that check ultimately will help save a baby, create a new family and give hope to many. Please pray for all of us tonight, the event is called Pasta and Promise's. Go to if you want to learn more, or need their asstance they are amazing folks.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wow ! The first week of the PB&J Blog was a huge hit thank you guys so much ! This week I wanted to highlight Little Margaret's artwork. Mom Sacha had me over and showed me samples of the bedding she had ordered called Block Party, pulling the colors straight from the bedding along with matching the paint color of her room a fabulous pale turqousie. We came up with the very fun and very spring floral's that will hang over her bed. The artwork is the perfect tie in for the bedding and the walls.

No worries if you don't live in the area you can mail me fabric and paint samples for me to work from. You can also email me pictures of the room your wanting to decorate so we can create the perfect art just for you !
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New PB&J BLOG = big sale !

Hello everyone, I am so excited to announce the new PB&J Blog, here you'll be able to view new art projects ,get decorating ideas and catch some amazing sales that you can only find here ! So to kick things off, lets take 15% off everything !!!! Please visit mention this blog in your order and get 15% off ! and yes this includes custom orders !